Your website should be at the centre of your digital marketing. You should own the site, own the content and not be tied into hosting companies or subscription services.

You can promote your site on social networks, by email and through natural and paid search – but make sure everything comes back to your website.

We take a User Experience (UX) led approach to building your website. That simply means we focus on things that matter to your website users, not things that just look good or reflect personal taste.

How do we work?

Your business

We start with what you’re trying to achieve with your business? Who your customers are and what they’re looking for from your business.

What are the products & services you are selling? How does the process work to supply the products & services, how can people purchase or subscribe and what does fulfilment look like?

And how do you keep your existing customers happy with ongoing service and retaining their business.

Once we understand your business, we can work on creating the experience for your prospects and clients.

The experience

The process for building a great website experience includes:

  1. Information Architecture (IA) – simply deciding the navigation of the website and the output is a site map that shows all your pages and how they link. This can be based on any existing website analytics, understanding what tasks users are wanting to complete on the site and identifying logical user journeys.
  2. User Experience (UX) – creating the layout for each main page (or template) for the website. The output is a wireframe which is a simple page layout that shows the content and functionality for each page (no design!).
  3. Content – it helps to think about the content for each page at this stage because it can inform the page layouts. At least getting a plan for the content to be created for each page is important.
  4. User Interface (UI) – now we’re designing how the website and each page will look and how users will interact with the elements on the pages.

The content

Your content is easily forgotten but it’s such an important part of the website creation. Describing your business, yourself and all the products & services you offer is not a small job and doesn’t come naturally to everyone.

So we’ll work with you to turn your copy into content that works for your website, works for Google and helps people to understand what you offer and to build trust.

Don’t forget the need for great images for your website. It’s easy to ruin a great website and content with poor images.


We build websites on WordPress. It’s open source software that powers websites from the smallest businesses to large financial services and government websites. We believe it can handle just about any business type and will grow with you.

We’ll develop your site, test with you and set up on your chosen hosting supplier.


Once you’re happy with your new website we will take care of getting it published live and making sure it’s safely up and running.


We’re happy to support websites we have built and can help with technical support, updates and even content publishing.

We’re happy to start with a chat about your business, your objectives and the scope of what you’d like our help with.