Email & social

Alongside your website you’ll need email solutions, both for your business and for marketing & customer communications.

And to achieve reach and engagement you’ll want to manage your socials which means managing multiple networks by publishing and messaging.

The important thing about email & social is making sure you’re using solutions that you own, so that if networks or tools change you own your content and customers. And when it comes to email your customers will want the reassurance of a professional email address and not your teenage Yahoo account.

How do we work?


We start with what you need to run your own business. Using the domain for your website to be your business email address, understanding how many users you’ll need, what other office apps you need and what sort of customers you’ll typically be messaging.

Then we look at email marketing and marketing automation. Selecting the configuring the email tools you need to build an email list, set automated email sequences, send newsletters and stay in touch with prospects and customers.

We take care of the technical set up – ensuring your domain is set up correctly, security is in place and you can access your email across your devices.


The social networks provide a powerful platform to build your brand, engage prospects and customers and to create a community of passionate followers.

We help set up the foundation by integrating your social accounts with your website and email marketing so you have all the tools you need to create and share your content, and to tell your story.

Running your socials won’t cost much in money terms, but it will take your time to build quality content, followers and real engagement.

We’re happy to start with a chat about your business, your objectives and the scope of what you’d like our help with.