Your website should be at the heart of your business, especially if you’re wanting to sell products and services online.

By putting your website at the centre of your business, your content, products or services, social media and email marketing can all work together to attract, engage and retain customers.

We help you plan and build your online store, manage your products or services and setup your processes.

How do we work?

Your market

We start with the product or service you want to sell and the market you’re selling to. You’ll know your product or service best but we’ll help you think about the market, which channels might work well and how we should build your ecommerce platform.

Your store

Building your store is not technically difficult but the majority of the work revolves around creating the supporting content, images and the ‘taxonomy’ – the structure of the catalogue and how you will want to group products, apply filters, create promotions and allow for growth.

In parallel we can help you set up your payments provider, email for orders and fulfilment, and your processes for managing stock and shipping.

Your promotion

Having an online store is the foundation but you’ll need to promote your products or services across social media, search and email marketing. We can help build the landing pages, support your content and integrate with social and email marketing.

Your customers

Once you’ve won customers you’ll want to keep them engaged and coming back for more, and to be advocates for your business. Consider regular content and email plus promotions and easy ways for your customers to keep in touch and promote you.

As with building your core website, we’re happy to support your online store and the related tools on an ongoing basis.

We’re happy to start with a chat about your business, your objectives and the scope of what you’d like our help with.